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Citation Styles that Use Superscripts: A Brief 2021 Guide

Citations written by essay writer can give anyone whiplash due to the diversity of styles and their various pedantic, rigid, and cumbersome requirements. These tend to make students cringe away from the prospect of writing an academic piece or even making an effort to familiarize themselves with all the formats.



Some of the Famous Ones…


There is one broad and easy way to be able to somehow organize the mess that is academic writing. Some of the most popular formatting styles are APA (American Psychological Association), MLA (Modern Languages Association), AMA (American Medical Association), Harvard, Chicago, and Turabian formats.


Superscripts and Parenthesis…

The basic difference in ‘write my paper’ tasks that can divide these into two groups is the kind of in-text citations’ formatting that they use. For some of these, in-text citations are in the form of superscripts that correspond to footnotes at the end of each page. These footnotes then culminate into a detailed reference list that has been sequenced alphabetically at the end of the document.


The styles that make use of these superscripts include Chicago, Turabian, and AMA formats. On the other hand, APA, MLA, and Harvard have parenthetical in-text citations that carry the last names of authors as well as years of publications or, in case of the MLA format, last names followed by page numbers from which the information has been extracted.


Footnotes by essay writing service can make the work easier by offering a chance to eliminate detailed in-text citations. If you are using software like Zotero to aid you with citations, you can find that footnotes can be less intrusive as compared to parenthetical in-text citations. In addition, footnotes provide details of the work that has been cited and you don’t have to worry about taking care of two different kinds of references. Both the footnotes and bibliographical entries are more or less the same.




Chicago style of referencing makes use of such superscripts that represent the footnotes that follow the last sentences of each page. The formatting of these notes is different from that of the reference entries at the end. The font size is 10.5 with a line spacing of one point.


For Chicago, the footnotes are arranged in such a way that the last name of each author is followed by the first name (not just the initials). The two names are separated by a comma. After this nugget of information, you are required to provide the year of publication, the title of the source, details of the location and name of the publishers, followed by an electronic link to retrieve the online source 9if applicable).


All categories will be separated by a period. The same pattern can be used for entries in the bibliography except for some formatting changes that require the bibliography to be double spaced and the font size of all entries over here to be twelve.




When it comes to the AMA style and ‘write my paper for me’ tasks, it appears to be somewhat different from the others. It also uses superscripts for in-text citations but there are no footnotes corresponding to these entries. Instead, the superscripts are cited all across the document and they culminate in a detailed list of endnotes. Needless to say, endnotes will come at the end of your piece.


The format of these endnotes is also different from the footnotes as discussed in the previous case. The entries start off with last names followed by initials of middle and first names. Then, the title is added after which the name of the journal or book is mentioned in italics. This is succeeded by further information regarding volumes, issues, and page numbers. After these come the year of publication in parenthesis. In the end, the page numbers may be mentioned.


As you can see, there is very little fuss over in-text citations, so you can rejoice if AMA is the style that you mostly use because you can save all that time and energy that is usually spent in making the in-text citations perfect or the footnotes flawless and through.




Another famous style in ‘write my essay’ assignments that includes superscripts instead of parenthetical in-text citations is the Turabian style. This is most commonly used in theological research. The superscripts point to footnotes at the end of each page. Just like the Chicago format, the formatting for these footnotes is quite different. The font is supposed to be adjusted to a size of ten with single line spacing.


The entries are just the same as those in the Chicago format with the last names succeeded by full first names (not just initials). This information is followed by the title of this particular source, the name of the journal or book (if applicable), page numbers, publisher’s information, and the year of publication.


Entries in the bibliography will mirror those of these footnotes’ lists, the only differences being in the formatting. The font size of these entries is to be twelve with a double line spacing throughout the list.


Out of all of the three, Chicago and Turabian are almost similar whereas AMA stans out as being distinctive from all others. Such groupings and comparisons can make you adept at citation styles so that you can cite like a pro. There is nothing that helps you more in trying to make sense of the apparent mess of rules.


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