You get immediate action.
People who have shown interest in your property will realize that if they want it they must commit themselves to purchase it at a definite time and place.
It focuses the attention of all prospective purchasers upon your property, and they are put on notice that the property will sell to the highest bidder at a specific time and place.
The Auction method is one way of bringing about such sales. This is done in a manner where there can be no criticism as to the price obtained. Courts, trustees and businessmen have held that a well advertised and well attended Auction will determine a fair market value over all other methods.
It’s the only way to sell with a good possibility of obtaining a higher price than the original asking price.

Auctions are a win-win situation created by the Auctioneer, the professional marketing executive, trained and experienced at conducting public Auctions. Auctioneers dedicate many long hours to prepare and orchestrate a single Auction. When the gavel falls, the outcome is positive for both the buyer and seller.

Seller Benefits

Offers the seller another option
An Auction generates excitement and heightens buyer interest.

Creates competition among buyers – Auction prices can exceed the price of a negotiated sale.

Requires that potential buyers pre-qualify for loans.
Exposes the property to a large number of pre-qualified buyers.
Accelerates sales
The property can sometimes be sold within weeks of listing.
Eliminates high seller carrying costs
Such as mortgage interest, taxes, maintenance, insurance, utilities, upkeep and deferred depreciation.
Auctions bring interested buyers to a point of decision
They must act now or lose the opportunity to purchase.
Auction is a true market forum
The highest bidder pays the lowest price a seller will accept.
The seller knows exactly when the property will sell.
Seller Control
The seller sets the terms/conditions of the sale, maintains control of the property through the Auction (depending on the Auction type), and actively participates in the process.
Auctions can greatly reduce the time the property is on the market.
Auctions eliminate numerous and unscheduled showings.
Auctions take the seller out of the negotiation process.
Seller is able to rapidly obtain liquidity.
Seller is able to free up capital and move on to other investments.
Auction provides “proactive” rather than “reactive” marketing.