Update to Taxation of Sales by Auctioneers

P.A. 102-0634 removed auctioneers from the definition of marketplace facilitator as of August 27, 2021 (however, internet auction listing services remain marketplace facilitators under this legislation). Auctioneers remain subject to sales tax, but auctioneers now incur Retailers’ Occupation Tax at the rate in effect at the location where the selling occurs (origin rate) and must follow the... Continue reading

Join The ISAA

Dear Fellow Auctioneers The Illinois State Auctioneers Association needs you! Now more than ever, we need ALL Illinois auctioneers to band together and use our collective strength to stop any efforts to place unfair and burdensome taxes or pass legislation that would be detrimental to our businesses, our customers, and more importantly, our livelihoods. You... Continue reading