The Illinois State Auctioneers Association (ISAA) was formed by a group of successful businessmen who knew that in order to provide a better business environment for themselves and strengthen their share of the auction market, they needed to work together. Their purpose was to speak with one voice for the auction industry of the State of Illinois, and in the process obtain tools to help them make sound and profitable decisions in their auction business and promote the auction method of marketing to the general public. For over 50 years, the ISAA has been one of the best investments its members have made. ISAA is divided into 10 districts. Governors from each district are elected by the membership at the annual meeting.
ISAA 2019 Membership Renewal and Application.

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Branded ISAA Clothing
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Scholarship Program for Immediate Family Members

Annual Conference Registration
CE Course Registration

Free Postings on ISAA Website
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Auctioneer Members shall be those licensed to conduct auctions in the State of Illinois. $150.

Auction Company Member

Auction Company Members shall be those auction companies licensed to conduct auctions in the State of Illinois. $150.

Associate Member

Associate Members shall be staff, auction helpers, ringmen or other persons associated with the auction business who are not required to be licensed. $75.

Trade Member

Trade Members (Vendors) shall be those persons, firms or corporations engaged in any related business or business endeavor having a relationship of a general nature with the business conducted by auctioneer and/or auction company members. $250.

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