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  • Officer: (one year term) ¨ Director: (two or four year term) ¨ Committee Interest District (ISAA is divided into 10 districts) ¨ Chairman (one year term) ¨ Secretary-Treasurer (three year term)
    With your membership you must agree to the ISAA Code of Ethics. If you do not agree please contact ISAA.
  • Price: $150.00 Quantity:
    Auctioneer Members shall be those licensed to conduct auctions in the State of Illinois.
  • Price: $150.00 Quantity:
    Auction Company Members shall be those auction companies licensed to conduct auctions in the State of Illinois.
  • Price: $75.00 Quantity:
    Associate Members shall be staff, auction helpers, ringmen or other persons associated with the auction business who are not required to be licensed.
  • Price: $250.00 Quantity:
    Trade Members shall be those persons, firms or corporations engaged in any related business or business endeavor having a relationship or a general nature with the business conducted by auctioneer and/or auction company members.
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Membership Agreement: In filling out and submitting this online form  I agree to abide by the Code of Ethics and Bylaws of the Association, to pay the annual membership as determined from time to time by the board of governors, and to exercise my rights as an active member of Illinois State Auctioneers Association, Inc.  I certify that the information furnished by me is true and correct, and I agree that failure to provide accurate information as requested or any misrepresentation of fact(s) shall be grounds for revocation of my membership.